Our Videos

Never know what you might see and hear on Captain Caviar Swamp Tours!! These Wilderness Adventures deep into the Atchafalaya River Cypress Basin always brings excitement and memories to last a lifetime !!! These music videos are a prime example…….

The “Let’s Get Swampy” video was written and arranged by Mark Stewart-Jones and his Band “The Bluesniks” from Canterbury, England. Mark also did the videography and editing…… Cheers Mark, Well Done Bloke!!

The other videos were impromptu True Cajun magical musicians from Lafayette, Louisiana………they were just passing through from a gig in New Orleans and stopped to see the house their Momere and Grand-Momere grew up in!!!! Forever a story with everything here in South Louisiana. Having them on board and playing Cajun Music for the Tour Group was super special and such a delight !!! Thanks, Bobby Michot, on the Squeeze-Box and Dinner Bell, and Gerard Dupuy, from the Red River, Lake Larto area of Louisiana on vocals and Cajun Fiddle!!!

There will be many more Good Times passed on these Bayous, and We’re Rollin on da River!!!

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